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KELC is a 501-c-3 educational nonprofit and we are dedicated to the learning that happens naturally when students want to "hold the clipboard." Sponsorships and donations are critical to our success as a change-maker in the way we prepare college students for their "real" job.

Whether your company sponsors an event or makes a donation, the work we do will impact student learning.

Support Learning

Sponsoring an event is supporting education and empowerment of experiential learning. When a company sponsors an event they are investing in the future learning of our college interns as well as creating the opportunity for an event to happen in Kalamazoo County (and beyond). 
In the event world sponsorship is an opportunity to learn communication, negotiation, promise-keeping, networking, and the hard skill of creating brand stories.  This is why we believe that when you sponsor, you are creating opportunities.



The categories of The VIP, The Marketer, The Planner and The Crew are offered for each of the events hosted within our sponsorship package. When we meet with you regarding the sponsorship opportunities, we will work with you to leverage the live event options.

Please use the sponsorship commitment form to outline how you want to be involved. Remember, we are always willing to tailor a package that will uniquely connect you to the attendees and the event purpose.

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