KELC is a nonprofit and we are dedicated to the learning that happens naturally when students want to "hold the clipboard." Sponsorships and donations are critical to our success as a change-maker in the way we prepare college students for their "real" job. Whether your company sponsors an event or makes a donation, the work we do is supported. That matters. 


Support Learning

Sponsoring an event is supporting education and empowerment of experiential learning. When a company sponsors an event they are investing in the future learning of our college inters as well as creating the opportunity for an event to happen in Kalamazoo County (an beyond). 


Sponsorship fulfillment is what we do naturally. In fact we over
deliver and if there is a way that we can promote your brand
with more power and focus, we will do that.

Our goal is to make you successful.

sponsorship works

The categories of The VIP, The Marketer, The Planner and The Crew are offered for each of the events hosted within this sponsorship package. The grid below provides a quick view of the various benefits for each category. When we meet with you regarding the sponsorship opportunities, we will help you learn about the benefits and how you can leverage the live event options. When you decide to sponsor, please use the sponsorship commitment form to outline how you want to be involved.Remember, we are always willing to tailor a package that will uniquely connect you to the attendees and the purpose of the event.

Food Truck Rally

It’s all about food and connecting our attendees to the "foodie" experience.  The 10-12 food truck/vendors are culinary delights located in a utterly unusual place that is transformed into a nifty gathering spot.  The people who come support businesses, they love adventure, and networking is a social thing. When they come, they are looking for experiences. 

Kalamazoo Block Party

A series of five block parties designed to meet marginalized families in their front yards connecting youth with community programming. College students create and host the parties experientially connecting them to the power of community. Carnivals, make it take it parties, you name it - but it must create impact through doing and learning.  If you support community and enriching our youth, then you need to join us.

Vineyard Classic Bike Tour

The Vineyard Classic Bicycle Tour is part of the Paw Paw Wine and Harvest Festival. The tour takes place on Sunday of the event weekend. Joining the tour allows you to travel past vineyards, orchards, woodlands, creeks, rivers, lakes and neighboring villages. Cyclists choose from three routes (23, 43 or 57 miles). Helmets are required. 


In it's second year, KalamTopia is an outdoor, cold air market that celebrates the holidays. This market is designed to attract shoppers, urbanites, people who love craft beer brewers and hot mulled wine. The attendee also looks for downtown/urban events that celebrate local retailers. The event features vendors, food vendors, and adult beverages. 

Do-Dah Parade

The parade has been part of the Kalamazoo landscape for 34 years. It’s a tradition and it is the funniest parade.  Families come to the parade because it is tradition, it fulfills their family values of entertainment, community, and exploration to know about the businesses that make Kalamazoo, well, simply Kalamazoo.  Did we mention that this is a parody parade?

Kalamazoo Stand

Using the concept of a “lemonade stand” this event specifically connects high school students to the development of a product that can be sold through a vendor booth. The target audience for these events is emerging and innovative teens.  The teens create a product, learn how to mass produce, then market it, and then bring it to market. Our college students help them along the way.  The result?  A lemonade stand of the future. This is a college “readiness” event that will help stimulate entrepreneurial engagement.

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