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Our Mission: to provide the opportunity for college students to facilitate educational learning and leadership through workshops and webinars that highlight their academic learning and insights.

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How To Put On a Pop-up Event in Your Neighborhood Park

Taking your food truck to the street for an “every day” event experience.  This webinar will explore the key elements that are needed to pop-up a food truck event of 1 or 2 mobile food vendors.  Attendees will learn event basics including: meter rental, use of public space, adhering to city guidelines and ordinances, and creative attendee experience. As part of the webinar, place-making information will be distributed including the concept of the Power of 10.  The Power of 10 is a place-making concept that looks at 10 things you can do to create a popup event. 

Who Should Attend?

  • If you are a new mobile food unit operator

  • If you have only done a handful of events and want more practical information on how to get into the “event business” for your truck

  • If you want to expand your food vending operation

  • If you are confused about the various mobile
    food vendor requirements

Registration Coming Soon!

Panel Discussion:

  • Safety expectations (licensing, inspections, and safe operation on the sidewalks and public right-of-way)

  • The New Food Truck Ordinance

  • The use of meters and reservations

  • Kalamazoo County Health Department – Vending Expectations – Keeping Everyone Safe

  • Park and Recreation guidelines

  • Organizational benefits.

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