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Our Events
Here is a look into our events: make sure to click on each logo to head to the event's website!

Food Truck Rallies

Food Truck Rallies are events hosted on two different scales. On one end we have On The Road Rallies every Tuesday night in June, July and August with 4 rotating locations! And on the other end we will host 3 themed festivals this year. Both combine the ideal ratio of delicious food, live music, and an awesome atmosphere of our food truck community. It is dog-friendly and free to attend with the option of provided seating or BYO to enjoy our live performers.


KalamaTopia is a Friday happy hour of celebrating all things made locally.  Embracing the cold, there will be tents, heaters, and hot and cold (adult) beverages brewed right here in Kalamazoo.  This event will not only consist of food and beverages but also, feature artists and merchandise vendors (almost like a Chriskindlemart style) that specialize in anything made in Kalamazoo County as well as Michigan.  It is an outdoor holiday maker's mart that is designed as an expo where vendor booth tables will line the Kalamazoo Mall from E. Michigan Avenue to Water Street.  The event is free to attend, and beverages and product are priced separately.   

Kalamazoo Holiday Parade

Kalamazoo Holiday Parade is a local holiday staple. Since 1962, this parade has been a tradition, bringing out anyone in or near the Kalamazoo area. People come from far and wide to enjoy the uniquely decorated floats of local businesses, see Santa, collect treats from parade marchers and overall enjoy the togetherness that only the holiday parade can create during the holiday season. 


Digital Media Meetups

An affordable professional development conference for small business owners, directors, students or just those that want to gain more knowledge about all things digital media.  Each speaker focuses on different strategies to propel small businesses to a higher level of marketing, utilizing social media channels and marketing strategies, and overall understanding their consumers better. The presentation(s) are followed by a networking portion with light snacks and beverages.

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Vineyard Classic Bike Tour 

Live Mannequin

Vineyard classic bike tour is a part of the annual Paw Paw Wine and Harvest Festival. During the route, bikers tour through lush vineyards and orchards at the peak of harvest season and have the option to choose from three different lengths (23, 43, or 57 miles). Provided for riders are SAG stops, route maps, road markings, first aid, and refreshment stations. All proceeds go toward college internships in Southwest Michigan.

Live Mannequin is an interactive event to highlight the Kalamazoo Mall stores. Each store had a local celebrity mannequin that was decorated with the stores products and showcased the essence of that store. The kalamazoo mall-goers then had the opportunity to vote on their favorite manneiquns via the posted QR codes. The winning store got a basket full of downtown goodies from the remaining participating stores. 

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