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Board of Directors

As a 501c3 organization, the Kalamazoo Experiential Learning Center is run by a Board of Directors. These community individuals give of their time and talents to help make the Kalamazoo Experiential Learning Center successful. Our organization wouldn’t be possible without them and their support. 

Bob Miller, Kalamazoo Community

Bob miller is a Community Advocate.  As the former WMU Associate Vice President for Community Outreach, his leadership as a conduit between the University and the community helped to provide direction for programming and educational enrichment. His involvement with downtown stakeholders and business development helps to connect college students in entrepreneurial development.  


Erica Mokay, News Channel 3

Erica Mokay currently anchors New Channel 3 shows weeknights at 5, 6, 10, and 11 pm. Erica is a graduate of West Virginia University and completed her undergrad degree in Television Journalism, with a minor in Communication Studies. Erica became a Kalamazoo resident in January of 2017. She's passionate about the culture of downtown, and bringing meaningful events into Kalamazoo. She also brings a passion for creating meaningful and impactful opportunities and internships for college students. 

Abby VandenBerg, Maple Hill Auto Group

Abby comes to the KELC Board with representation as the founding members of the Kalamazoo Holiday
Parade Michigan nonprofit where KELC is a fiscal sponsor. Abby’s representation comes as Human Resources at Maple Hill Auto Group as well as previous marketing assistant. Her degree is from Hillsdale College in Marketing and Marketing Management. She is also a downtown Kalamazoo resident and her connections and support of downtown event programming is critical to the ability to guide KELC programming decisions well as a plethora of networking experience.


Erin Kelly, TCF Bank

Erin Kelly is a Senior Private Banker and brings to KELC Events a wealth of talent in the world of financial planning and nonprofit financial sustainability.  She has served on many boards and her work in volunteer management is especially valuable as KELC Events support volunteer development and recruitment. 

Jacob Droppers, Varnum Law

Jacob Droppers is a partner at Varnum Law and has been raised in the event management business.  His insight into festivals and events has been through his leadership in working at The Event Company for five years prior to attending law school. His knowledge of the law and event management provides guidance required for ongoing operations.

Angela Mcmillan, NSDA 

Angela McMillan is passionate about aligning work with purpose and firmly believes in the positive impact organizations can have in strengthening our community and our collective future. That is why she has dedicated herself to the association/nonprofit industry for over 10 years. Currently, she serves as the Director of Marketing and Advocacy for the National Speech and Debate Association, founder and keynote speaker for Talk It Forward, and core team member for Kalamazoo Social Media. Angela’s experience serving at the local, state, and national level will further KELC’s ability to build relationships and strategic partnerships.

Becca Shemberger, Director of Events 

Becca shemberger is the director at the Kalamazoo Experiential learning center. Upon graduation from Western Michigan University, Becca served as an intern at the center. She worked in corporate sales for just over four years before making the decision to return to KELC as the new Director of Events. Her experience at the Center provides valuable insight into intern coaching, management, and program enhancement. Plus, her time in corporate sales gives her a great understanding of how to work with all types of people.

Deborah Droppers, Executive Director

Deborah droppers is the founder of the Kalamazoo Experiential Learning Center.  She has been an event manager and director since 1988 when she was the convention services manager for the City of Kalamazoo.  Since then, she has administered festivals, special one day events, parades, and an event budget of $900,000 and nearly 1,700 volunteers. Additionally, Deborah Droppers administers the Western Michigan University Event Management Minor program and teaches full time.

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