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Why should you hire our event team?

Our event team isn't your typical event crew. KELC consists of college interns (paid internships) that want to gain hands-on experience in the areas of marketing, public relations, sports marketing, and event management. Our interns are hungry to learn about event planning and committed to making the events fun, exciting, relevant, and memorable.  There is a new word that needs to be a part of the event equation - Merriment.  Let's use it and make it part of our conversation for the future of events.

Upcoming Events & Social Media

New Year's Fest will look a little different this  year with a hybrid format. The KELC staff worked diligently to design an event that will allow people to view the event in-person at the North Kalamazoo Mall on the Radisson's steps. And, for those who are more comfortable staying home and watching from their television sets, they can join the event through Public Media Network. The third way to enjoy the event is through live streaming watching only those shows that are live streamed. 

All the details can be found at www.newyearsfest.com.  Make sure to go to the entertainment tab, select the type of performance (music genre) that you want to see. Scroll down to find the artist.  And, then determine the times.  The live streamed shows are directly connected through a button at the bottom of the page. On December 31, just click that button and you will be linked to the show. 

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